Happy Boarding

At Creekside Kennel, we make every effort to help your dog cope with the stress of being away from family. It begins with our design: we are a small, personal kennel with 20 indoor/outdoor runs. Frequent outdoor exercise and socializing in group playtime make for happy, healthy dogs. At Creekside Kennel, dogs have plenty of room to run and play in our wooded 1/2 acre play yards. They love to dig in our dirt piles or sniff around looking for squirrels. 

​We welcome owners to settle in their dog and to leave something with the familiar smell of home, perhaps a blanket or towel. Bedding from home should be clean and easily washable. (No big pillow beds, please.)

All dogs are given supervised group playtime five times a day, individual attention, and extra care, at no extra charge. Most kennels will charge extra for providing medicine, playtime or petting. We believe that these "amenities" should come free with boarding. We love dogs and the joy they bring to our lives: our dog care is not only about housing your dog, it is about making your dog happy.  


Please keep in mind: 

REQUIRED VACCINATIONS:  Bordetella (within the past 6 months), Rabies, DHPP


To ensure the safety and comfort of all boarders,

we do not board dogs who act aggressively or bark excessively in our setting.

All male dogs over 12 months must be neutered in order to board with us. 

We do not offer day boarding, grooming, or bathing.

Anyone boarding a pet during hurricane season (June through October) must PRE-ARRANGE an emergency contact to come and get your dog in the event of a hurricane.